March 26th 2021

We are proud to introduce our points system. The system is in BETA mode. Therefore there might be glitches. The way it works is that we attribute you points for certain actions, like logging in, product reviews and other actions. Once you are logged in, you will see your balance at the top and at the bottom of every page. Stay tuned for more information about the points system.

March 26th 2021 | Updated March 27th 2021

Due to undergoing issues with Twitter, we will be using the @2simplehosting account for promotions and prizes for 2 Simple Ads. The tweets will be identified as [SimpleAds] so that there is no confusion between the two products. Once we have things resolved with Twitter, we will be able to use the correct Twitter handle. For any questions concerning this, you can email us at . We have reached a decision and will now be using the handle @2simpleservices for all our services, ads and hosting. Please update your favorites. Thank you !


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